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WiGL’s Wireless Energy Technology Poised to Revolutionize Battery-Driven Society

by WiGL | August 17, 2021

In an age of increasing mobile power needs, a new technology “cuts the cord” by enabling smart, efficient, and data-rich wireless power delivery with nearly limitless applications.

Robert Rickard, a long-time business entrepreneur and former USAF F-22 pilot, leads RCG Holdings, LLC, as the global licensing authority for a new technology called the Wireless-electric Grid LAN — known as WiGL™ (“wiggle”) — opening the door for public and private industry to change the face of our “plugged in” society.

“Over the past 50 years, the volume, technological advances, and variety of applications for electrically powered devices has grown exponentially,” says Rickard. “As a result, the tradeoff between device usage and device recharge (usually resulting in down time) has become a critical part of how billions of users conduct their daily lives. WiGL™ turns that paradigm on its head. There is now an exciting opportunity for the global marketplace to licence this technology.”

While today’s devices normally recharge using wired field energy (with a cord) or wireless near-field energy (pad recharging), WiGL™ utilizes wireless far-field energy transfer with an exciting twist, by directing and receiving power along with data (that can be encrypted)—similar to how networked devices send and receive data via wireless routers or cell phone calls.

“Think of WiGL’s™ method of routing wireless energy as a power source traffic cop, tracking and sending energy in the same signal as the data (WiFi, cell phone, AC, DC, etc.), and never having to plug in local devices again; that’s the new paradigm,” Rickard says.

In a household, this technology will manifest by repurposing AC outlets as WiGL™ LAN routers or personal area networks (PANs) where individual WiGL™ devices can receive a smart power signal. No plugs, no cords, no having to remember to charge, and completely mobile within range of the P2P or P2MP transmitter. Instant, steerable, targeted power distribution throughout your personal spaces, home or office.

Or, in a number of public contexts, the actual WiFi or cell phone signal carrying data will also be repurposed to carry electrical energy at the same time, greatly reducing the power infrastructure in new construction.

“Imagine going to your favorite morning coffee shop and leaving with batteries at 100 percent and the morning email done—by the same wireless signal,” Rickard says. He imagines this technology will rapidly spread to every smart mobile device with insatiable consumer demand. But this is just a warm up.

The applications aren’t limited to short-range household environments and WiFi frequencies: Solutions exist across the entire electromagnetic frequency spectrum. WiGL™possibilities include utilizing satellites (microwave or laser frequencies) or underground/underwater (very low frequency) relays as transmitting/receiving tools, sending much needed wireless power to first responders, military units, public facilities and more. With critical devices able to be charged or maintained as needed, the efficiency and usability of those devices would be increased instantly.

Critical to our environment, here is a very significant and much needed Green Energy implication that WiGL™ enables: By providing wireless power in a smarter, routed, targeted, and perhaps continuous way, the trend toward bigger, more expensive, sometimes dangerous batteries can finally be curbed. Decreasing the waste, the infrastructure, and the carbon footprint of billions of batteries is a cost benefit game-changer for power companies and large manufacturers. Rickard sees a greener future: “The savings to corporations and the environment is a free byproduct of our technology that every company could benefit from. A rare win-win.”

Businesses worldwide have an immediate opportunity to enter this exciting new technological space by licensing the WiGL™ Utility Patentmethod of combining power and signal in a directed P2P and P2MP wireless ad-hoc LAN. By building on our Utility Patent, wireless energy pioneers have the ability to synchronize, create, and sell products that manage and reduce costs associated with wirelessly powering devices, “Powered by WiGL™!”

In short, for any device that has the ability to use electrical energy, WiGL™ is the enabler for 21st Century wireless electrical solutions and the start of a trillion-dollar “Go Wireless” global initiative.

WiGL, Wigl, Wi-GL, and the Wireless Electrical Grid LAN are trademarked in the United States, all rights reserved. For more information about WiGL licensing, Utility Patent information and various engagement options, contact RCG Holdings at


Originally Posted on PRWeb

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