About WiGL


WiGL—Wireless-electric Grid Local Air Networks—is a new technology that sends targeted energy through the air.

WiGL (pronounced "wiggle") aims to help people ditch cords and wires. Imagine getting electric power the same way we wirelessly get to the internet. Log onto an over-the-air wireless electrical power WiGL network and power or recharge your devices.

Our Vision

To make touchless wireless power part of our daily lives.

Our Mission

To be the name for all forms of wireless power around the globe.

Our Purpose

To reinvent and create a holistic approach to how we see and use electrical power in the 21st century.

How Does Wireless Power Work?(Just like WiFi)

The networked WiGL-enabled (Partner) transmitters enable a directed WiGL signal to a known receiver.

The transmitters then routes a directed WiGL signal to a known receiver.

The WiGL-enabled receiver then converts the EMR or RF signal into DC to harvest the power.

The received power is then stored or used to power the device.

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Endless Possibilities

The Future is Now

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