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WiGL-enabled network meet FCC approval.

WiGL’s partners have certified transmitters that have been FCC and UL approved.

WiGL didn’t invent wireless power. We make wireless power work for you.

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Safety FAQ’s

Why is WiGL different from other wireless power companies?
WiGL’s patented technologies link other wireless power companies' transmitter technologies together to build a meshed network of wireless transmitters. Think of it this way…there are many companies that make products to ensure you get WiFi…but they are all part of your WiFi network. That’s WiGL.
What are WiGL’s competitors saying about safety?
Visit the pages below to see what others are also saying about safety : WitricityEnergousOssiaPowercastWi-charge
Is WiGL safe?
Yes, because we are following the same FCC safety standards as WiFi (2.4GHz at 1 watt). So if WiGL is unsafe, we all need to rethink WiFi.