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Lessons From StartEngine’s 1st Successful $5 Million Reg CF Campaign

WiGL became the first company to successfully run a StartEngine Reg CF offering by raising $5 million. This article posted by Ahmad Glover for Crowdfund Insider will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using online fundraising methods, the difficulties it presents and how to juggle them, and the lessons WiGL’s raise can teach startups along the way.

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Wireless charging: With WiGL, battery power is in the air

Finding just the right place to charge a smartphone is often a challenge, even in one’s own house, and plugging in usually means the device’s user isn’t straying more than a few feet from the wall outlet if they want to use that device while it’s charging.

Wireless charging pads can help, but are a bit of a misnomer since devices like smartphone and smart watches need to be on the pad to keep charging. What if there was a way to enable real wireless charging, untethered from a wall outlet?

Smart wireless power company WiGL (pronounced “wiggle”) may have a solution. The company recently completed an experiment demonstrating an ad-hoc mesh networking capability to allow wireless recharging of connected devices at distances of more than five feet from a power source. In this case, the power source would be one of a series of transmitters on a wireless grid LAN (WiGL), embedded in walls or deployed in other ways around an indoor space. Each transmitter would be equipped with cellular-like beam-steering to allow a device in movement around a room to continue receiving a power charge as its signal gets handed off from one transmitter to another.

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