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How Wireless Power will Benefit the Hospitality Industry

As smartphones continue to permeate our society — recent studies show that 85 percent of Americans have one as of 2018 — wireless power continues to be not just a need, but a huge opportunity.
We already talked about how cities could use the Wireless-electric Grid LAN to generate new revenue streams, as visitors at libraries, administration buildings and even parks receive WigL’s targeted wireless power for a small fee. 
But it’s not just local government that stands to benefit financially from having plentiful wireless power sent to visitors’ devices. We’ve all had our time at the library, coffee shop or restaurant cut short by a phone running out of battery life. Not only is it inconvenient for customers, it’s potentially costly for the restaurant industry.
According to a poll conducted by wireless power advocates Chargify, the hospitality industry stands to benefit from the proliferation of wireless power solutions. 
How many times have you looked around an establishment, trying to find an electrical outlet? The survey revealed that 25 percent of millennials — 15 percent of everyone — have left a food or beverage establishment because of a lack of charging options for their device. 
Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of millennials say they’re more likely to stay longer and spend more money at restaurants if they had access to device charging. (About half of the general population and less than a third of retirement age customers agree.) 
Another survey by LendEDU found that the average millennial spends $163 per month on restaurants or dining out. The study found that it’s important to millennials, since about half of them spend more on their culinary experiences than saving for retirement. 
Finding a way to match people’s desire for dining experiences with their need to keep devices charged is a key opportunity for restaurants to maximize profits and retain customers — particularly the always-connected millennial generation.
The solution? WigL. 
Just as many establishments have endeared themselves to the wired crowd by offering customers complimentary Wi-Fi, restaurants and bars equipped with WigL can give their customers the same kind of regulated access to wireless power. 
Eateries and coffee shops could establish password-protected access to wireless power, allowing only customers to receive the transmitted electrical signals. They could set time limits and even charge for this feature if necessary.
The end result is the same: customers will be able to enjoy their food and beverages without having to scour for an outlet or begin thinking of a “plan B” to keep laptops and mobile devices running. 
Like Wi-Fi routers around a business, WigL transmitters encode traditional direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity — sent through the air to waiting WigL-enabled devices. The restaurants could provide device-compatible receivers or, eventually, the devices themselves could be WigL enabled. The devices would then charge without the users doing anything. 
With power management out no longer a concern of customers, they can focus on spending time and money at eating establishments, paying for various menu items while their smartphones charge. 
This patented technology is now available for licensing and is ready to affect the hospitality industry on a large scale. 
Are you ready for WigL to help make your restaurant, coffee shop or bar and grill experience even better? Are you ready to have your customers spend more money, take more pics of their incredible food or cocktails, or otherwise be comfortable enough to stay and give your place a high Yelp rating? 
Licensing is now available for WigL technology. We’re ready to take this global. Contact us today to learn more.