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Touchless Wireless Power is Here

And it’s called WiGL (pronounced “wiggle”). The race to bring WiGL-enabled touchless Wireless Power Transfer (tWPT) and networks into our living rooms has begun.

Infinite mobility is in reach

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Send & Receive Power Safely Like WiFi

Ditch cords and wires. Power your devices on the move or recharge your battery while using your device—and that’s just scratching the surface. WiGL is partnering with pioneers in the field of wireless power to rapidly bring their products to market, on a WiGL enabled network. WiGL is hardware agnostic.

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Say Goodbye to Power Cords and Blocks

WiGL’s patented technologies allow you to pick a wireless power network the same way you pick a WiFi provider. Cut the cords and wirelessly power your devices on the move.

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WiGL in the Home

WiGL-enabled (Partner) transmitters turn AC power into wireless power grids that target power to a number of devices, such as laptops, phones, televisions, security systems and more.

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WiGL in the World

For a number of applications—from drones to ambulances to military units—essential power is made available worldwide via WiGL-enabled transmitters made by WiGL partners. These transmitters can be embedded in streets, on light poles, on satellites and more.

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WiGL’s Ecosystem of Tomorrow





In our rapidly evolving, perpetually connected Internet of Things age, electronic devices are more prevalent than ever. And with that comes a need for constant, efficient access to power. WiGL’s partners and competitors are aggressively building the touchless, wireless ecosystem of tomorrow.

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How Does Wireless Power Work?
(Just like WiFi)

The networked WiGL-enabled (Partner) transmitters enable a directed WiGL signal to a known receiver.

The network of transmitters then route one or more directed WiGL signals to a known receiver.

The WiGL-enabled receiver then converts the EMR or RF signal into DC to harvest the power.

The received power is then stored or used to power the device.

Endless Possibilities

The Future is Now
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WiGL-enabled network meet FCC approval.

WiGL’s partners have certified transmitters that have been FCC and UL approved.

WiGL didn’t invent wireless power. We are simply the glue that makes it work.

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Why is WiGL different from other wireless power companies?
WiGL’s patented technologies link other wireless power companies' transmitter technologies together to build a meshed network of wireless transmitters. Think of it this way…there are many companies that make products to ensure you get WiFi…but they are all part of your WiFi network. That’s WiGL.
What are WiGL’s competitors saying about safety?
Visit the pages below to see what others are also saying about safety : WitricityEnergousOssiaPowercastWi-charge
Is WiGL safe?
Yes, because we are following the same FCC safety standards as WiFi (2.4GHz at 1 watt). So if WiGL is unsafe, we all need to rethink WiFi.
What is the distance?
WiGL is seeking infinite mobility by connecting transmitters. In physics there’s the Inverse Square law that mathematically determines radiation levels versus distance for a single transmitter to a receiver. Following this law, other wireless power companies are able to get distances of 15 feet. Using WiGL’s patented meshed networking, that means less transmitters are needed to gain greater distance.
Can I invest in WiGL?
Yes, you can invest at
Does WiGL have working products?
Yes. WiGL’s business model is to link and network with transmitter manufactures. Many companies making single transmitter products have them available for sale today.
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